Is inheritence a matter of CHOICE?

August 24, 2008 8:04am CST
I am considering seriously, these days, all options of making good money. Of which, online money making has made a VERY BIG DENT.. on the negative side. With mounting MUSCLE PAIN RELIEVING BALM costs, (to rub on my paining neck and finger muscles) not to mention the increased cost of ELECTRICITY and TELEPHONE, as my net connection is a DIAL UP. And, I have also tried to sign up into a SPEAKING CIRCUIT., but it is badly infested with drunkards. So, I am now considering INHERITENCE. i WANT to approach all my relatives, old and far included, to just remind them, that I am looking for a share in their fortunes. WHAT do you say?
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@anneshirley (1517)
• Philippines
24 Aug 08
Are you serious? I think it is not so nice to approach a relative and say you want an inheritance from them. Why don't you get a real job where you will have a salary and at the same time perform part time to earn extra cash. That's what I do.
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• India
24 Aug 08
oh. thankyou shirley, for being so smart as to tell me on my face.. how it looks, if I approach my relatives. But, who will give employement to an old bag of 40? who is witty and full of unwanted knowledge? I am too much of QUALIFIED for most of the jobs that are around, and for those that I want, I dont have the proper recommendation. LOLS. and, the true point of my anguish is, my daddy just sold a small peice of land for over 10 lakh indian rupees, and I am not given even a single rupee out of THAT. I am serious about this part of inheritence. Thankyou for sharing my pains. I am glad of your heart felt response.