So what do you think about bushing swearing off russia to stick up for georgia?.

United States
August 24, 2008 8:26am CST
Hi there. i am wonder what everyones intake is on this whole situation. first i read that russia had infact invaded georgia and that bushsaid it was a indispickable act.and told the ruler/president whatever theyhave and whoever he is that if they didnt withdraw we would have nothing more to do with them. Now im reading this morning that they have sent in the 1st of 5 u.s. navy ships with 27 pallets of aid to georgia this morning. while i think it is great that bush wants to help other country's and other people who are in desprate need of it...myanmar,and georgia. but i also feel that we need the help here as well. so as long as he was helping 50/50 i would be okay with it. I know alot of people feel bush will do whatever he needs to to make sure that he makes money in his oil company's and i read this morning that georgia had a crude oil port. so do you think that bush is doing this out of just plain good hart and he feels sorry for georgia? or do you think once again hes just doing what he needs to do to make money?
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@urbandekay (18312)
26 Aug 08
Bush has surpassed, if that is possible, his usual level of stupidity. If you supported independence for Georgia, then you should support independence for South Ossetia, etc, which had been de facto independent of Georgia for some time. This was an invasion by Georgia and one in which it has been shown they committed atrocities. Bush, is also hypocritical to accuse the Russians of aggression when he is a worse offender. He needs to keep his trap shut till he can raise his thought processes above those of the average window-licker. All the best urban