Have you been to a shrink or do you need some therapy?

August 24, 2008 9:16am CST
I want to know because i've been to a couple of therapists a few years back and now i am needing one. Don't we all need some form of a therapy? DOn't we sometimes wonder if we are still normal? or if with what we do (in secret or publicly) could label us as borderline? I have been diagnosed as having OCPD. Obsessive COmpulsive Personality DIsorder. However, i feel that there are so many people like me and my tendencies are quite normal, because i can still (happily) let my son play in the sand and water, and get himself dirty. I am needing one now because i need to know what is really the deeply rooted cause of my stress and how do i deal with this.
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@Raymo23 (465)
• Uganda
24 Aug 08
I've been to a shrink before. I was so disruptive and my perfomance was down in high school and yes, he helped me come bck on track. I think, overall, that they are good especially if the problem is of a big magnitude and is making you and those around you uncomfortable, and is noticeable.
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