I met my posting goal this month!

United States
August 24, 2008 4:15pm CST
My goal for this month (that I never commited to here) was to get 1200 posts...and my last post was #1200! I'm a bit behind...last month I moved after having my power shut off, and going for weeks without any internet connection except for my phone (a bit hard to post discussions). I'm also trying to cut down on my internet time, and really focus on finding a job (I'm still unemployed, but applied to two earlier today and I have an interview tomorrow). I used to make payout every month (well, three of the last four months), but I missed July's and I was devastated. I even put a full-on effort the last couple of days, but I was still short of my goal of making payout. This month, I decided to focus on what's more important: school (I just started back 2 days ago--woo hoo!), finding a job, selling stuff (I've got to make the money to get to the interviews), and then personal fun (like myLot). Lately, I've been checking out on site in particular, and that's where I've found at least three to apply to. I'm going there again shortly, but I just wanted to share my posting goal with all of you. So tell me....did you have a posting goal this month? Have you met it, or at least on target? Please share!
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