What is your embarrasing momment?

@prettyD (123)
August 24, 2008 11:15pm CST
My embarrasing momment was when my husband and were on our way to the most beautiful resort in our country. We rode in a most beautiful boat. One time, we both felt like kin'a poopoo and so we both went to the bathroom (he in male and i in female bathroom) wen i wash about to flush the bowl i heard an unusual sound. my mind was playing "what if i flush this bowl and the water inside the bowl with my stool in it will explode? shocks! :-)"... you know what "IT REALLY HAPPENED" :-) when i shared it to my husband, i realized he too had the same experience. then we just laugh at it.
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@cishi1230 (197)
• Philippines
25 Aug 08
My most embarrassing moment was during my elementary days. I was in grade six and we had an exam, I was supposed to pee to the comfort room but I couldn't control it anymore. So I pee on my skirt. lol