United States
August 25, 2008 3:16am CST
Hey everyone, I was just sitting here thinking about things I've had discussion about in my sociology classes last semester for college classes. The topic of politics came up often as we will be electing a new president. Myself I don't follow politics at all since I believe nothing will ever change and I had some fellow classmates that felt the same way. Don't get me wrong I love our country but some where down the line it seems like we lost base with our roots and our system became corrupt is maybe a good way to say it? I feel like we watch all these debates or as for me I catch glimpses of them all the runners making promises for changes but once they get elected do we ever see them? I've been interested in learning more about our government/politics as I've been told I should by many of my friends. My question to the mylotters is do you think things will ever change? What will make the change occur? Is it worth it do get involved...does the average citizen really matter? Just looking for opinions to hopefully start a good discussion ^_^
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