how can i over come day dreaming.

@cameo22 (200)
August 25, 2008 9:30am CST
i am a day dreamer since my chilhood i didn't realise the bad effect of it but when i grownup i couldn't stop day dreaming i can understand after sometime but time would have gone with in that time.once i attend for a council.the person who council me have told you can change your day dreaming in to a possitive side he had such experiance in his childhood.but i can't belive it i can overcome it.may be it is part of my character which i can't change by a treatment or medicine can anybody give a suggestion for this.if anybody had such experiance share with me.
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• India
25 Aug 08
yeah...right...just try to make urself busy...... be practical in every shedule of work..... take ur life seriously about yr career nd future.... once u become practical for life, then only u can stop yr problem.... or... do 1 thing.... just try ur every dream in real...;)... try to do more than wat u dream, practically in ur life.....;)....
@pkraj111 (2459)
• India
25 Aug 08
Never let your mind wander in thoughts. To do that always keep your mind occupied. Pickup a hobby. Try reading books, listening to music or watching TV. Soon you will find yourself in real world
@shamzy18 (2319)
25 Aug 08
hi i tink you should interact with people more so that you dont start day dreaming. You should go out more keeping active so there is no chance for you to start day dreaming. You should try to do stuff to keep yourmind off things and be busy.