would like to write a book

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August 25, 2008 7:08pm CST
I really want to write a book, I did great through school i english and took an english class in college and I think I'm a good writer,but I'm not sure. Hopefully there are some writers in here that can tell me how I would go about starting a book. I would like to write a crime fiction book with a little comedy in it.
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26 Aug 08
Cool. I would also like to write crime stories. I'm not too good with crime stories right now, but I do well with drama. I haven't written a book, but I would love to some day. I guess you would approach it from subject matter and themes. I think that can be the easiest part sometimes. The best part is coming up with characters because you can make them as good or bad as you want them to be.
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24 Sep 08
I think this site helps improve your writing skills while making a little money on the side. I try to always make sure my sentence structure, punctuation, content and spelling are all good. Although I know at times I get so "into" a subject that my fingers are flying across the keyboard with my thoughts and I make a lot of mistakes. But at least I know I do that, so I can fix it! Good luck to you in your writings. Maybe someday all of us here on mylot that want to be writers, will be rich, famous writers!!!
@bubblyapple (2655)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
This has been my dream too. I seem to have so many ideas in mind. Stories for mystery books, children's books, romance novels and so on and so forth. But then, when I start something, before I even reach the second or third chapter, I just don't like to do it anymore. Maybe, I faced what we call writer's block or something. It is just hard for me to continue. I seem to have all the energy and enthusiasm in the beginning but these also wanes as time passes.