the spammer: don't they know that most of us just ignore them?

August 26, 2008 3:02am CST
don't they know that we usually just directly delete their emails without taking trouble to read them? but why are they still sending the trash? is it how they run their businesses?
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@ashar123 (2359)
• India
29 Aug 08
I guess most people read them but for me I just select all in my e-mail inbox and delete them. I just finished checking my e-mail but received an intresting e-mail. It was from Malaysian Lotto. In part, I only heard of UK Lotto but strange, Malaysian Lotto. So, I opened the e-mail, it said I have US$2.5 Million waiting for me. I was told you reply to someone's e-mail written in the mail and send my details. I know for sure thats a scam. The scammers use different ways every day, change subjects / names of e-mails but what is the need of doing that when 98% people just delete them.
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• United States
27 Aug 08
they are hoping that their subject line will catch your attention and you will sign up.. they send it to such a mass amount that they will get a hit here and there and if that is one good person then its worth the few minutes it took them to set it up.. if you want you can forward them to the government and they will report them for spam.. there are a lot of laws on what people have to include in their email to where it ISNT spam and 99.9% dont qualify to be covered/safe so you might be able to get them.. if they actually look into those that is
• Indonesia
27 Aug 08
hi moonlitmagikchild, great info! thx for sharing it here. i think i will report it if it's getting worse. so far it's still bearable thx for responding