What's your real view on teachers?

August 26, 2008 4:20am CST
In my childhood, I was taught that teachers are the most selfless workers in the world, and I was told that teachers impart their precious wisdom to their students without asking for return so they are great and repectable. But to be honest, I don't agree all that above when I was young, I just believe that those who become a teacher is, in fact, just for get paid and support their life, namely, teaching is just a kind of ordinary job like other pursuits. I wanna say that teacher do cultivate countless students from innocent to knowledgable, and they tell the pupils right from wrong, but that's their work and tasks instead of selfless donation, so they seems to be "over"-respected since their contributions seem just almost equal to other workers in various fields. I keep this view all along till now, but I don't know whether my idea is right or not, and I'm a Chinese, so opinions from other nations are preferred since I hold the faith that different cultures make different values.
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