How to recover Administrator Password in Windows XP

August 26, 2008 4:55am CST
Can anyone tell me how to recover windows xp passwords?
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26 Aug 08
Resetting a password from within windows will require you to know the original password. You may be able to reset it though using a program called ERD Commander. It basically is a linux shell that you boot to then you have access to your files etc without the windows security as linux doesn't recognise it. You are then able to remove the password. Reboot into Windows and set a knew one. Your files will remain accessible as the password and user accounts are linked. Its a good idea to change the password regularly anyway for security. Windows will not lock out any files secured with this password if you change it - otherwise windows would be useless! Hope that this helps. Thanks James
@likaes (496)
• Singapore
26 Aug 08
I believe it is quite difficult to recover passwords, being what they are - codewords to prevent unauthorized access. However, it is possible to reset the password and set one yourself. But, this will cause all data affected by the password (for example, if a file was protected), to be unrecoverable, likely forever, so becareful. This website will tell you how to reset your password