Any games like runescape?

August 26, 2008 7:03am CST
Hey guys i quit runescape recently, doo you know any games like runescape that there are skills to train and mknsters to kill and no download and not text games?
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• Thailand
29 Aug 08
Try,, or . If not, I have no more idea
17 Dec 08
Guild Wars is really good because it has one of the best pvp ever and wow has very good graphics but is too expensive to play legal.
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
7 Nov 08
well yu can try world of war craft or guild wars, their both like runescape but with better graphics!their bth online games too!
• United States
29 Aug 08
Ya try or the ones that the other person put on there good also. Sernia u can mine, do combat, fish, cook, theivin, or anything else I think theres like 8 skills u can go to 100 with. But for battleon, dragonfable, and mechquest I quit em all, 1 cuz mechquest it was hard as hell to lvl up in, 2 dragonfable got borin nd some of the quests were too hard and 3 battleon it said i couldnt lvl up after 50 so there was no point in that game.