Make Money Online Blogging About What You Love

@WebMann (4732)
August 26, 2008 7:16am CST
When I first started online I made money online creating web sites for friends and clients. This was great but I was trading hours for dollars. I really wanted to make money online over and over without the need to in the office all the time. My entire adult life I have wanted to make money fishing, or gardening or even traveling but never really thought it would happen until I discovered blogging. That is when I stopped working for an hourly rate and started earning from the content I either create, buy or get others to create for me. I see Mylot members continually trying to get others to join them in some venture that likely pays pennies a day. I tried a few of those some time ago but they just weren't for me. My title say to do something you love but let me qualify that statement a bit. Do what you love as long as what you love you spend money on. I love to fish, especially fly fishing and I do spend money on that hobby. A lot of money but it's my hobby and I don't mind at all. That's a hobby that can earn you money. What hobby do you have that you spend money on and I don't mean you spend a dollar a year? I mean a hobby that you love to spend on. Now I may make pennies a day from some of the advertisers I use but I can make those pennies every day over and over as new readers read my blog posts. I also advertise affiliate programs, on my blogs, that fit my hobby niche. Most affiliate programs I use pay 50% or more so instead of earning a few cents I earn dollars. I have written other posts about this but basically I used Mylot to earn the money to purchase a domain name, then I continued until I earned enough to pay for hosting that domain for a few months. The rest is history. I continue to use the money I earn on Mylot to buy more domains. I purchased a hosting account that allows me to host multiple domains so each domain I purchase from my Mylot earnings gets hosting without costing anything more. One thing I would add is to not go with a free blogging service as you don't have the control over you domain and it could be shut down in an instant. I buy my domains from and I have my hosting account at
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@fedge098 (1331)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
Honestly this is something I really wanted to learn given the time and opportunity. Blogging is something I want to try doing, meaning make it part of my week long routine. Maybe spend at least an hour a day to maintain my blogsite or website whichever I become more acquainted to. I've been researching the web on how to do the basics of web designing and perhaps create my own website so I could try to earn a bit for myself. This way I could maintain this website and maybe, just maybe, develop it more until I become a real web master. Thank you for the tip! I'm sure I will be able to use it one way or another. ^_^
• United States
26 Aug 08
I have been blogging for awhile now and doing okay. I know that some of my problems come from not having a lot of resources in web building/design and having difficulties with programming language. However, I am getting there. I was wondering if you would be willing to share how much your earnings added up to at the end of the month.
@airl1527 (355)
• China
26 Aug 08
So detailed, thank you.