How to deal with jealousy?

@alecz23 (486)
August 26, 2008 8:50am CST
Jealousy is one of the biggest traps in a relationship nowadays? with the modern technology like internet chatting and the most popular "texting" are commonly used and a perfect bate to spark jealousy and hatred thus, feeling of possesion is usually accompanies love and being in love ignites jealousy, but sometimes accompanies with a positive effect which anyone can identify if the person is really in love. Many couples and lovers especially those who are in a long distance relationship often encounter jealousy and many had been driven apart by an overdose of jealousy. We have to remember that there isn't much we can do when a person tends to get jealous easily, however, this is a negative emotion and its very much harmful to others and by itself if you know how to deal with it. In reality its the most common cause of mistrust in your partner or even of the end of your relationship. What do you usually do to cope with this kind of scenario? Feel free to express your feeling and maybe I can help a bit of your situation...
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