I can't believe this

United States
August 26, 2008 2:11pm CST
Has anyone heard the bad news about dailyclicks.biz? When i reached payout at 10.00 i tried to cash out but was told that because i was not a premium member that i had to have 25.00 to cash out. Now that i am there they changed it to free members can't cash out. They have to upgrade which is 50.00 for a life time membership but i can get to 50.00 and turn it into a membership. When i get to 50.00 is the policy going to change again? Or i can pay 5.00 dollars a month for a premium membership. I think they are bitting of their own foot off. First of all i don't personally have any evidence that they are not a scam. Oh wait maybe i do after what they did to me. And it is hard enough to get referals who wants to sign up under these TOS. Well just thought i would let everyone know what has happened at Dailyclicks.biz
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@night71 (97)
• Canada
26 Aug 08
First off, I would be leary of any website that has a .biz at the end. Many of these sites are running scams and do not have your best interest in mind.
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@Lejandro (1530)
• United States
26 Aug 08
If that provision is not in thier TOS, stay away. They're just giving you the run around. Worst yet, they are forcing you to invest. I'd stay away, there are other good legit sites around. Don't waste a minute there. Just my 2cents. Goodluck and happy mylotting.
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
26 Aug 08
Yes that's sad but it's been like that since at least the beginning of the month and as you say, how can we believe they will not change it again? I have given up there but I was lucky and did get paid once when it was at $10. Happy posting!
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• United States
27 Aug 08
Its really hard to trust any website. And as far as the fact that they keep changing it. I can almost guarantee you its a scam. They want your money and they don't want you to have theirs. I'd ask around on forums and such and see if its just you. I bet you it ain't.
@gabbana (1815)
• China
27 Aug 08
sorry to hear that, easy. tell all friends around you and all other people stay away from this cheating web.