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August 26, 2008 2:46pm CST
My husband, our kids and me would like to have a dog. We all love the Bordercollie's look but don't know the dog's nature. Does anybody have a bordercollie as a dog (friend)and can you tell me what this kind off a dog is like? We want to be sure if this kind of a dog is the wright choice for us.
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@daxus100 (78)
27 Aug 08
Border collies are very clever and most have a natrual instinct to heard,i have had a border collie that was deaf and i managed to train her to do simple things like sit and roll with signs she also was trusted off the lead to walk and stay with me she was very loyal and faithful ,however if you have a dog that is a mix of a collie what you get is unpredictable i know for instance of a very aggressive collie cross labrador the vet says this is because the collie in the lab is so loyal its protecting its owners from everyone but i guess thats the same for any dog breed,my advice is ,check out the puppy with its mother handle it and make sure it has a good temprement to start then socialise it well maybe in a puppy club if you are unsure the main thing to remember is a puppy shown love is much more likely to grow up a loyal loving pet but you never can tell ,good luck with your puupy :)
• Netherlands
30 Aug 08
I heard before that they are very clever. That's what I like about the border collie as I know it. I saw a demonstration once and that was the moment I said to myself, when we are having a dog I would like to have a border collie. I also like the black and the white. I felt in love wright away. I have 2 cats at home and the other person who responded told they can get along with other animals very well. She also wrote that they pee and po in the house a lot. Do you have any experience with that becaurse that would be a very big problem to me. (Thanks for your responce and sory abouth my poor english).
30 Aug 08
If they poo and pee in the house thats going to be down to how they where trained as pups unless its a very old dog which cant be helped i housetrained mine as a pup and unless she was poorly she was very clean ,i would just make sure you train the pup early taking her outside regularly and rewarding it for going to the toilet out side trained well any breed will be clean in the house theres probably somewhere on the internet that tells you exactly how:)i hope this has helped:)