Feel furstrated and sad...anything you do could not make you feel better !

United States
August 26, 2008 4:30pm CST
Have you ever felt so frustrated, bored and sad, that anthing you do could not make you feel better ? You don't even know the reason why your frustrated ? is this hormones ? Starts to wonder whats wrong with me ?
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@rup011 (726)
• Germany
26 Aug 08
I some times feel bored and sad. I try to divert my mind. Either I talk with some one close or I hear my favourite music or I use computer just to divert my mind and slowly it comes back to normal. Reading spiritual books help me a lot too. Some times its the hormones. Try doing yoga everyday may be it improves. Take deep breaths in the fresh air or take a warm water bath. These help too.
@metalhalo (601)
• United States
26 Aug 08
I've been that way from time to time. Nothing ever seems to be going right and when it finally does something bad tramples over on top of it. It's got to be something to do with being female. I know we're more emotional but sheesh! When I'm feeling super down a good cry makes me feel better almost instantly. That or reading a book and getting trapped inside the story..it's a great way to escape..or taking a long walk to clear my head. It's relaxing, great exercise and sometimes you can see things in a whole new light. It very well could hormones, pms, depression, foods that you're eating and even medications. I'm no health nut..but I've read several things that states different foods can have different effects on our bodies, physically and mentally. When you're feeling like this maybe talking to a close friend would help. They may be able to see things differently then how you are and shed some light on why you could be feeling this way. If the problems persist I'd go to my family doctor and ask his opinion.