Search and Earn... Again

@fedge098 (1331)
August 26, 2008 11:41pm CST
It's been almost two (2) years when I joined this website, a search engine website, wherein I was given the chance to earn additional income while searching the internet about anything. It's like google and yahoo sites, the difference is that I will "earn" while I search. Problem is it was a sort of a scam and I felt really bad about it. Thinking that I had about 10 referrals below my account. Sorry for us all. Now, after two years I'm giving myself another chance with this opportunity. In this opportunity I also get the chance to search the web/internet while earning additional bucks. Minimum payout is 20 pounds and if I am active enough to search at least 50 a day I can request payout in more than a month! For you guys who are into additional earnings, view my profile and there you will find a link to this website. Of course, use it second to myLot. Like I do! Thanks and let's earn together. ^_^
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@Lejandro (1530)
• United States
27 Aug 08
A lot of people here already use already. No payment provided here yet. Really hope they pay 'coz it's hard to reach payout. Been with it for a month now and I'm still at $3.20. But yeah, earning $40 just for searching the net is a chance we're all taking. So fingers crossed and goodluck to all. Hope somebody gets paid an post it here. Give us some assurance. Thanks.
• India
27 Aug 08
i am telling you myhpf is a scam!! they do not pay..i had reached the minimum payout 4 months back and they still havent paid me a single cent!! so i would suggest you people to divert you attention somewhere else!!
• China
4 Sep 08
Is that true? I use the engine for just a week. Your opinion about that will let me find no power for that. I find it a good engine for English spoken people. Because if I input word with other language, the search result is just a mess. Oh, my God. Go ahead or give up???
• China
27 Aug 08
ya friend..!! myphf is nice site and they payout us thats great..!! thanks for shring. keep lotting.!