What do you think of the Chinese basketball players?

August 27, 2008 12:57am CST
i come from China.the Olimpic Games have just ended.i want to know what do you think of the Chinese basketball players,as we already have Yao,Yi and sun im NBA.do you guys think they will success?and what must they improve as soon as possible?
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@kellar (2)
• China
4 Sep 08
yao has proved himself to the world by his effort that he can hold his place in nba. yi with high enthusiasm and excellent physical constitution,though the rookie wall he met in the first begining ,with some years' adoption in the complex playground he wil success in the coming future. For sun, he aslo a very good rear guard in the CBA, he left a deep expression to us during the olympic games ,devote hisself when the team are in trouble . In a word ,it's worth expecting.
• Singapore
31 Aug 08
Chinese and white players are not as athletic as the black players. Look at the highest level basketball, NBA, today. It's dominated by black players such as Kobe or Lebron. Even 15 years ago, the world has seen the best players ever, in Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, etc. White players are not as athletic (few can do outrageous dunks or jump ridiculously high to grab rebounds) but they can excel in their passing or long range shooting. Steve Nash is a great example. Past legends like Larry Bird and John Stockton were great in assists and 3-points too. Chinese so far have produced good forwards/centers in Yao Ming or Yi Jianlian. But they should nourish guards/playmakers that have an eye of the open men and control the attacks. Whether Sun Yue can succeed in NBA remains to be seen.
• China
29 Aug 08
i am a chinese too.i have watched all matches of chinese basketball team,i think they were so exciting.although our teammates` skill is no better than other strong teams,they do well. Yao have successed in NBA,Yi is a new member in NBA,there are many things he have to do to improve his skill,i believe Yi will be like Yao,he will success.Sun is also a new member in NBA,i dont know what his first match will be like,but i believe he also can reach his goal by his hard working. chinese team should learn from the strong teams,i believe they can become more and more stronger.
@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
27 Aug 08
china have all the necessary players to be competetive in the international tournaments. chinese players have height and shooting touch. however, they need to build some muscles. basketball is a physical game. they need to build some strength not to be bullied in the paint. then agility has to be worked out too. if they have that, i think china will have the US team a good run of their money.