what is your highest educational attainment?

August 27, 2008 1:38am CST
For me, educational attainment doesnt matter as long as a person is industrious, responsible,and possesses a heart full of love and happiness. If only I could put up the largest company and hire people according to their capacity and not educational attainment, I think I will be very very effective in serving whatever my company will be doing. I have a Masters Degree in Teaching Early Grades and I dont give a damn, whether a person has ever reached the 1st grade, as long as he or she has a very kind heart.
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• Philippines
18 Oct 09
hello. That is nice. I hope I will be part of that company too where there is no discrimination to those who were not privileged to go to school. A place where they are given the chance on the basis of their capacity and not on what they attained at school. And I know they will be very effective because of the chance that were given to them. Good day.
@Anne18 (11036)
27 Aug 08
I did get a O level level C in english lang. And i have 120 points towrds a Open Univertiy degree. Like you I would like to be kind nad caring and not be very clever. My daughter has very good caring skills but didn't do very well at school but she has great social skills which are doing her well in life