do you want your discussion to be top discussion every day?..

August 27, 2008 2:19am CST
so how can i get top in discussion... it is hard to think that discussion can be top... too hard, what are the technique that my discussion ca be top?/./.
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• Philippines
27 Aug 08
Of course it's definitely great to see your own discussion in the Top Discussions list, My! It's great to see your discussion on Hot Discussions List as well! It feels good. Though I seldom see my discussion on those lists, I did found some of my discussions on the "Today's Top Discussions" or "Today's Hot Discussions" and I know why. Those discussions of mine are considered "hot" by some mylotters. I guess once they saw my discussion they readily replied and I'm having more than 10 responses in less than 30 minutes after the discussion was posted! Well, it actually depends on the topic, some topics just got other people so interested, you might be surprised yourself of the number of responses. But sigh... Those were the days.. Now, I seldom see my discussions "on the top".