Have you tried dating two persons at the same time?

August 27, 2008 2:21am CST
I am just curious why people go for such. I've known a friend who is doing such thing, dating two people at the same time. I really don't know why thid person is doing such a thing wherein he is very much aware of the consequences. Maybe he has his own reasond but I really find it so unethical. What do you think? Would you be doing the same thing?
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@deem1977 (242)
• United States
27 Aug 08
I think the answer depends on what you mean by "dating". I think it is find for someone to date more than one person at at time -- if by dating we mean seeing each other socially, going out to dinner, seeing movies or sporting events, attending parties together, all of that kind of social activity. In fact, I think that is the purpose of dating -- to get to know people better so you can compare them and eventually make a more knowledgeable choice about who is best for you. For example, I think that it is fine for Sue to be dating (not in a relationship with) Tom, and then she meets John and he asks her out and she starts seeing him also, and then she meets Tim and starts seeing him because that is how she figures out that she and Tim don't have much in common and she stops seeing him. And then Tom decides that Sue is not right for him and he stops dating her and then Sue and John discover that they are really right for each other and enter into a long term relationship or marriage. I think dating is a kind of winnowing process. I become concerned when people feel the need to engage in serial monogamy where they only see one person at a time and almost immediately declare themselves to be in a relationship or "seeing someone" and declare themselves no longer "single" when they are not engaged, married, or even in a long term relationship. Then when that relationship doesn't work out they move onto the next one. I think too many people rush into physical intimacy in a relationship and therefore feel like they should only "see" one person at a time. Just my opinion . . .
@Anne18 (11036)
27 Aug 08
I date two people at the same time. One was an ex boyfriend and they both knew each other. Not a good idea, will end in tears
@hardluck (375)
• United States
27 Aug 08
If your friend is just dating two people at the same time I see nothing wrogh with that. I've dated more than two women at a time, as long as you are not in a relationship I think you can date as many people as you like. Until you get in a relationship with one person then you should break off with the other lovers in your life.
@clickicy (571)
• Indonesia
27 Aug 08
I never think of it. Really, as far as I remember, I always try to keep my life out of danger... Having two lover at once is asking for trouble I must say... never oh never... I imagine if My lover have someone else... ummm nope I cant stand it... I prefer to live this life trouble free, but never run from trouble that after me.