Is it right conduct and good manner really starts from home or it just develop..

August 27, 2008 3:01am CST
Does the parents really the one who really influence their children to have good manner and right conduct or it just developed and it is the personal choice of a person????
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@bindishah (2062)
• India
27 Aug 08
In my opinion, parents play a major role in the development of manners in their children. When a child is born, he has absolutely no knowledge of the world. It is the parents who groom the child and teach him walking, talking, manners, good behavior, etc. Without a solid foundation, a structure can become weak. Similarly good values taught from birth will only enhance the child when he becomes an adult.
• Philippines
3 Sep 08
I agree with what you said that parents has a big role on molding the child including their values and behavior. A strong foundation is really needed to be able to have a good values. Thanks for your response.
@acegirl (127)
• China
27 Aug 08
I think parents do effect on their kids a lot. Parents are kids' first teachers. For example, my dad accepted higher education. So in daily life, he sets an example to me, whatever in study or behaviors or ...tftu. He always speaks like a dictionary. And my mom is a hard-working housewife. She teaches me how to be a nice girl, or even a nice woman. My family education is very strict, so i am not that casual girl. I learn a lot from them. They teach me how to be a real human.and they help me with my philosophy. All of what i said just proves that parents are important to kids. You know..some kids of rubes can always speak foul languages. And those guys really suck! So parents should behave well right in front of kids.