online degree vs traditional degrees

August 27, 2008 11:16am CST
how valuable are online degrees,are people holding online degrees more likely to get a job compared to those holding traditional degrees(degrees obtained by attending full time university).
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@drfritzs (15)
• Malaysia
27 Aug 08
Hahahaha.. What the important we get a degrees ?? Even u got a degree, are u creative when u got job ?? For me, who ever u are, even you have a degrees or not, thats not the point. The point is, use your creative thinking. Yes, i agree, the fact is who have a degrees, your opportunity to get job bright compare to another. Thats the reality. But, creative thinking is one important part when u have jobs. I suggest all of you, read more books author by Edward De Bono, and Anthony Hopkin. I guarantee, you will got the answers. Sorry if my opinion far from our topics... Lalalalala..
• Canada
23 Sep 08
Your're absolutely right i think that degree dont really matter. Besides whats the point in writting in proper grammer and pursuing knowlege about something you're passionate about. I guess aslong as you're creative and read certain book youll get a good job; im actually in the market for a creative doctor or lawyer. Besides whats your degree in?
• Canada
23 Sep 08
Online degrees dont realy seem to ligitament to me. Everyday i get a bunch of spam in my mail. It's alwys would u like to buy viagra, male enhancement, cheap magazine subscriptions, and online degrees. Those places charge an arm and a leg for degrees that they are basically an online degree mint. If u hvae enough money youre gonna get a degree in something eventually. I think when i comes to aplying for jobs employers are still a little reluctant to hire someonw who doesnt ave a traditional degree. Atleast for an importnat position, if youre gonnatake a risk on someone id rather take it on someone who went through a similar experience i went through.