what is the first thing you'll do when you become a mem

@gbeast95 (505)
United States
August 27, 2008 12:10pm CST
hey fellow F2Ps when i get enough money i'll become a mem what is going to be the first thing you do as a member. i already know what i'll do. first, i'll go to pest control and get my defence and atk to 60 so i can wield dragon. next, i'll go do the quest called the lost city so i can wield a dragon dagger with poison(also known as the dragon dagger++) and a dragon long sword. after that i'll go do monkey madness so i can wield a dragon scimmy and get i think xp for 4 stats of your choosing. next, i'm going to do something trials(i forgot the name of the quest i remember it was something trials) and get myself an archer helm. finally, i'll just do watever i want quest minigames ect. so can you tell me wat you're gonna do first thing you become a mem. and people who are already mems can you tell what you first did when you were a member???
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@kurci1 (171)
• Australia
27 Aug 08
I started making money, When I first came to RuneScape 34 days ago I bought membership straight away and got on with it. First thing I did was started to accumulate money. I got 5.4mil in 6 days. If you wish to know how to make money in P2P I'll show you how below. [b]Collecting swamp toads[b/] This method requires NO quests etc. to be able to use it. You travel to the grand tree and walk north west down the slope until you get to "Swamp" collect swamp toads there and walk back to the grand tree. Go in and up and you'll see a bank. Bank them and their worth 371 each currently. [b]Canifis clothes[b/] This method is my personal method, Please do not use it for too long. Quest required is priests of peril. Once your at canifis go to the clothes store and buy as many as you can of whichever clothing of item you wish(I choose blue gloves) Run back to the back once your full and deposit. Sell them on the GE at 850, Remembering you bought them at 650. This method brings in 512k an hour. There are a few other mays but I have to go now. =D I'll comment down below if I think of anymore. Good luck MyLotting, Kurci-
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@gbeast95 (505)
• United States
28 Aug 08
thank you every one for being so nice and helpful to me ^_^
@yoyo65 (39)
• United States
18 Sep 08
i will probaly go to god wars first thing i do once mem or mabye go to kalphite queen with some friends. but most likely i am going to make money its alot easyier on (member) .
@gbeast95 (505)
• United States
23 Sep 08
why should i go to the kalphite queen which are level 333 even harder than the demon from monkey madness?? it really won't help me to get killed.
17 Dec 08
You should do some basic quests and train all members skill to 40+ .