Do u Eat to Live or Live to Eat - Health is Life

August 27, 2008 12:32pm CST
I am raising this discussion for awareness about the health. To me Health is Wealth. If you have a strong health you can work and do more to earn and achieve your target to be safe and happy in life. With this you can also discharge your family as well social responsibilities and can bring up your children in a nice manner and make them able to live a livable life. If by working over time to earn more money to become wealthy u loose your health and invest what ever you have your wealth to regain your health and by the time every thing is over. Eating habits are more important for health. To maintain good health a healthy and systematic intake of food and fruits is necessary. Excessive of every thing is bad. I have some peoples when they start eating they goes on and they get ill and takes days to recover and what ever they had earned that goes to the bills of doctors and medicines. One has to work out a chart of the daily diets. It is not necessary that one may eat the same thing and repeat. We can change it but it should be near to the calories required. Over consumption of oils and fats can create health troubles. As a remedy we must eat fiber rich fruits,vegitables. I am not concluding. Light is off.
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