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August 27, 2008 9:43pm CST
I am wondering about when a child is born, are they born with any certain qualities at all, like for instance, is one child born with kindness and compassion, and another born with no kindness and compassion. Or, is a child born evil? Or is a child born angelic? Is a new baby a blank slate? Or are they already predisposed to behave in a certain way? Certainly their environment can play a role in the formation of their character in later life, but I've known children raised in very negative situations who stayed kindhearted and thoughtful despite their terrible environment, and I've known children born into very nice homes who grew up and did thoughtless and selfish things to others. So many criminals blame their upbringing on their criminal behaviors. Where does one draw the line and become responsible for their actions? What are your thoughts on these things?
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@SwtJenlove (1090)
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28 Aug 08
I think its all in how the child is raised. It also depends on who the people "hang" out with. I have 2 younger sisters and i have seen different behaviors in both of them when they hang out with certain people. They arent the same person with each group of people they hang with so i think that has some to do with it as well. I think when your born its a clean slate because you know nothing and you learn "everything" I hope i helped.