Which place do you know better??

August 27, 2008 11:21pm CST
Hi, just wanna to ask you guys: Which place do you feel more familiar BALI or INDONESIA?
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@cet1987 (209)
• Malaysia
28 Aug 08
bali is part of indonesia... i am familiar with indonesia because i am from malaysia which is near indonesia...
• Indonesia
28 Aug 08
Hahahaha, please don't take offense... i didn't mean to test you. But, it's just weird. A couple days ago, i've just been at Canada and found that they actually know Bali but they don't know Indonesia...
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@cet1987 (209)
• Malaysia
28 Aug 08
really? no wonder because bali is one of the popular destination in indonesia beside lake toba...
• China
2 Sep 08
BALI is a beautiful island in Indonesia.I know well about it, because I went there one year ago .
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
31 Aug 08
I am really keen on traveling and I am familiar with both Indonesia the country and Bali the island. I went to Sumatra and had quite an adventurous time there. I realize that the islands of Indonesia differ from one another. Sumatra's people have the Islamic faith whilst the Balinese people have a Hindu faith. I have heard of Java and know that is next door to Sumatra. I have heard of Flores and Timor. Bali is a popular tourist destination with palm fringed beaches. Lombok is a quiet little island next to it.