Do you Give Thanks?

August 27, 2008 11:23pm CST
Do you give thanks when your prayer is answered? Many people nowadays pray and pray for lots and lots more. When the prayers were answered, they enjoy what they get. When the prayers were unanswered or did not happen in the way they want, they become mad and start questioning God, some even start questioning the existing of God. How many people remember to give thank for everything God give them? For me, the first thing in my prayer, I'll give thank for what God had given me and will give me. I thank God for His present in my life. However, there are also time when i forget to do so immediately after my prayers were answered. How about you? Do you give thank? =) Feel free to share what is it in your mind right now.
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@JannaLee (660)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
God has always been my source of light and strength. Without Him, I'm but nothing, the good thing is that He never neglected me. He takes care of me although i don't deserve His love and compassion, for I am but a sinner. Yet, He's always there, carries me when I'm tired, guiding me all throughout my life. With all these blessings, the least I can do is to thank Him, and I thank Him everyday and forever I shall be thankful of Him..Bless you!
@rmuxagirl (7562)
• United States
2 Sep 08
I do give thanks when God answers a prayer or when he answers a prayer that I haven't prayed yet. I simply thank God for all the good things in life such as my family, friends, and others who love me.
• Indonesia
30 Aug 08
Why people oftenly say that their prayer is not answered? GOD always answer our prayer. His answer can be Yes, No, or Wait until the right time has come. See, all prayer will be answered. And we have to always give thanks to whattever answer HE gave us because we know that HE knows what best for us. I also sometimes forgot to give thanks. Yeah, as human, we are tend to forgot what GOD has done for as.
@magna86 (1787)
• India
29 Aug 08
giving thanks to our lord our god!! should be done nomatter who you are!! the lord has done ,and given some beautiful things in my life and i really thnak him for what he has done!!! a small thank you to the god may father would be sufficiently enough!!! he never expect anything from us.. in return of what he does for us!!! so a thank you would be really a good sense of return that we can give to our father!!!
• Philippines
29 Aug 08
I thank God everyday of my life. I thank Him every morning just after waking up for overnight protection and I Thank Him before I sleep for the blessings I received from the day that has just passed. Yes I thank God for all my answered prayers. I even thank Him also for the trials for they made me a better person.
• United States
28 Aug 08
It is not the first thing I pray for, but I always give thanks. I use to also pray before I eat, giving thanks for the food, but, I've gotten slack on that and usually just thank Him for that when I say my daily prayer. Anyway, I give thanks for giving my life, my salvation, for forgiveness. Also for my family, for providing and keep us safe. &such
@BriNbai (912)
• United States
28 Aug 08
I always start out my prayers thanking God for everything in my life.And I thank him for the fact that I know of him and I give him thanks and pray for my family and loved one.I think everyone at one point or another has thought about why their prayers werent asnwered.I think it just takes time and that they will be answered in Gods time ,when he thinks its best for you. But yes I have forgetten to thanks God for the prayers he did answer and He knows that its not because I am not greatful but because I forget alot of