should umpire referral system introduced in one day cricket?

August 28, 2008 2:08am CST
hi all, in the recently concluded test series in sri lanka, icc introduced a new system wer a player can appeal for referral to the telivision umpire, if he feels that the decision of the field umpire was not correct. i felt this system was a very gud innovation in cricket and many players benfited from it. it is always gud for cricket to innovate new strategies to ensure that all players get a fair deal. this referral system has not yet been introduced in one day cricket. in the 4th odi between india and srilanka we could see that 3-4 of the umpires decisions were absolutely wrong and it was very unfair to the palyers. do you think it is essential to introduce a referral system in one day cricket also? please respond
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• Pakistan
28 Aug 08
This system is not so bad. But i think this will be more useful in the shorter versions of the game. where you are almost sure that there will be a result, then a bad decision can turn the game around so players must have this right in ODIs and 20-20.
• India
28 Aug 08
It is a good to have thing. But not essential. Like some of the older players commented, 'its making the simple game of cricket complicated'. However i feel like certain things, not wickets, which can be corrected by the TV umpire in real time, without affecting the match should be done. For e.g something that happened yesterday was that the ball that went of the bat and thigh were given as byes etc. Something of that sort, when noticed by the third umpire can easily be corrected. It might just take a few seconds. The other strong point against the referrals in in fact the time spend. In the test series, around 3hrs were lost in all which makes to an hour per test. This is a negative as some tests can even have a different result if that one hour is played. So its up to the ICC to decide whether its good for cricket and take a decision. Happy posting friend.