Breastfeeding adopted babies

@pehpot (4762)
August 28, 2008 4:11am CST
I am breastfeeding my 3 month old baby, my sister who gave birth last May (5 days after I gave birth to my youngest) have difficulties breastfeeding her baby, so I was helping her. I was browsing a book (What to expect the first year) for some tips on latching. I came upon an article regarding mothers who are concern on breastfeeding their adopted babies. I never thought that it would be possible. It is actually, if you have adopted a newborn baby. The key is to start stimulating your mammary glands even before the baby arrives. There are many techniques in stimulating the mammary gland. One of them is using a breast pump. You can also drink food supplements that enhance and stimulate milk production. Another is drinking a lot of liquid. This effort is only half of the process, the greater half is psychological. Preparing you in this kind of responsibility and committing yourself to breastfeeding. I never heard or encountered someone who experienced it and I am curious if it is really possible. Yes, from what I have read it says it is possible, but I want to hear a real life experience. Do you have something to share fellow mylotters?
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• Philippines
10 Sep 08
Is it really true? well it seems there is still hope in my case. I have 4 moth old baby and he does not want to feed on me. He prefers the bottle more, but the problem is not my supply but my baby's desire to feed on me.