Who do you think should be blame from this situation?

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August 28, 2008 4:46am CST
[i][b]I have an office mate who is suffering a terrible depression right now.He filed a paternity leave because his wife will give birth.We were all excited to visit his wife and baby at the hospital that day but we received a text from him that his wife and baby are already dead.We were all shocked.His wife had a ceasarian section operation and the baby was declared dead when they removed the baby from the tummy because the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck several times and the wife lost lots of blood and died as well.Who is to blame here? I remembered when I got pregnant with my first baby,the cord was wrapped around twice and I am a bit overdue and my cervix opened for 2cm only that's why I undergone C-section.As far as I can remember the hospital personnel asked me and my ex-husband to sign a sheet of paper indicating that the hospital is not liable if something will happen during the delivery.Isn't that absurd?But we had no choice but signed it and luckily nothing bad happened to me.I guess I went to a beautiful hospital and had a suite room reserved for me so I guess I had a good doctor and I experienced all the special treatment from the hospital. This office mate of mine lost a wife and a baby and too bad he was not around during the operation,he was not allowed to stay inside the delivery room.We advised him to have this investigated bec. this really needs to be checked and he should have all the explanations and answers for what had happened. Do you think it's a doctors negligence?If the doctor found out that there's going to be a complication during the delivery the husband has the right to know what to expect am I correct?It's really hard to give birth.All the agents at the office felt bad for what had happened. [/b][/i]
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