What is most attractive in a woman

August 28, 2008 7:44am CST
Some women are extremely beautiful and some are not so well. Is there any yardstick to judge the beauty of a woman. Different people find different attractions in women. what are the basic criteria to classify women on beauty index?
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@labels (88)
• Singapore
28 Aug 08
i would say eyes / legs / hair! those are the criteria i would be looking for when i see how attractive someone is=]
• Kuta, Indonesia
29 Aug 08
i like and love my hair , many women must like her hair. because hair is crowd be woman !
@chaijudin (506)
• Indonesia
28 Aug 08
For central east women: Eyes For Blonde: Eyes , hair and body For Latin: Face , hair , Body For Asian: Face , Hair , skin For all Girl around the world : Inner Beauty ( lifestyle , manner , parenting ) You all must have that skill or you will failed became real women
• India
30 Aug 08
Great, What an explanation . Hats off to you
@wfyin82 (159)
• Malaysia
5 Sep 08
I don't think there is a method to judge the beauty of a woman. It depend and varies from one and another. Some may agree that Julia Robert is beautiful, but in some point of view she is not. I may sometimes view my friends partner as the ugliest girl among the gang, but for him she is the most beautiful girl of all. Therefore its really depend on the judgement of that person himself. No doubt, every woman in this world has their own beauty.
• Malaysia
5 Sep 08
hi shreya it is not what the woman have but the virtues they hold deep within their heart.it is amazing how a beautiful woman fail in relationship due to the virtues. people should not care how beautiful someone is and should see the self image of the woman and understand the real love and what is best for relationship conclusion : virtues is the best criteria to judge a woman cheers
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
30 Aug 08
i think a woman is physically beautiful when she has symmetrical facial and bodily feature. everything is in the right place and is in proportion with her whole body and face. nothing like sticks out too much here and there and looks lopsided and awkward. her body and face is in harmony and balance. so it really depends on the individual woman and how she is built. she needs to make her whole body, hairstyle, figure, facial features, etc, all balance together to create a whole who the person really is, inside and outside. look in the mirror and now ur face and you well. ex. long faces look better with long and full hairstyles. round faces look better with hairstyles that are off and angular; chubby faces look better when hair pulled back away from the faces. narrow faces look better with full hairstyle around the face. if a woman has pear shaped body, she should wear dark pants and skirts, and light colored blouses and maybe padded bras to balance out her figure. if a woman has bigger on top and narrow hips and small butt, than she probably will wear dark colored blouses and light colored pants and skirts. just learn the tricks and dressing and hairstyles to balance everything and your features look in harmony with one another to create your individualist beauty of who u really r. trump de l'oeil is the trick...trick the eyes of other when they see you...
• Dominican Republic
30 Aug 08
For me, it has to do with the self-stime and confidence... When you feel good about yourself and reflect your inner beauty on the outside, then that makes you a georgeus woman... Happy Mylotting! Xp
@puicuno (75)
• Italy
29 Aug 08
eyes and the way they move....not only what they're dressing, of course! there are women beautiful even if they are natural without nothing particular...make up, sexy clothes etc..
@zeny_zion (1284)
• Philippines
28 Aug 08
i think its the whole package. the face the body and the legs. regardless of her boobs. anyways, its my own point of view.