what should i do

@heaven11 (1159)
United States
August 28, 2008 9:04am CST
so my 3 yr old stared presvhool its only 5 hours a day but the thing is he has never been away from his daddy and i so when i dropped him off yesterday he cried he was just hysterical he didnt want me to leave i got ready to walk out the door he grabbed his backpack and said he didnt want to stay he was going with me and sissy and i told him he couldnt and finnally left hearing him scream until i hit the end of the raamp i felt so bad i almost cried but i told myself that he had to stay its good for him and it will prepare him for the start of kendergarten but then when i took him this morning he did it again once again i left now i just feel like a bad parent but the thing is i never believed in daycares so he has never auctually been around any other kids other than his sister and 2 cousins what should i do
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