August 28, 2008 9:53am CST
time slips away so fast... end of the month is coming again. have you reached your payout amount? i hope i will this time. haha. im still a few cents away from the minimum payout amount. i will not let the month end without reaching my payout amount! i just reached my 500th posts so my next goal is to reach my payout amount this time. how about you guys? you can still make there are still a few days to go before the month finally ends. don't lose hope! good luck to us! happy mylotting!
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@navonly (901)
• India
28 Aug 08
Congratulations!! dear friend. Wish you best of luck for your minimum payout and more then that. Its great that you almost reached your minimum payout this month. I wish you get to reach there and even more then that every month. Mine total earning this month is just $1.5.. so I cant even think of payout atleast for this month. Actually I had been very busy through out August, So couldnt spend must time here on mylot. However I am sure that I will be able to make double payout next month. Just need some wishes from my friends and others on mylot. thanks.. enjoy.. happy posting.
• Philippines
28 Aug 08
thanks! i do really wish for you! i like that spirit! so good luck to us! happy mylotting and enjoy posting!
@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
28 Aug 08
I am close but I don't know that I will make it this month. If I don;t, it will be the first time since I joined. But that would be okay too as we don't lose them, we just get paid more for next month. I am about #2.70 away so I will give it a really good try, to reach the $10, but in saying that, I will have to work hard and spend lots more time here the next couple days and I don;t know that I will have the time to do that. So we will see if I make it or not. Not to worry.