The future of the computers

United States
August 28, 2008 10:08am CST
Flat screens,touch screens,wireless connection...How far we will get in the area of computers.i will like someone to tell me what is gone to be the next forthcoming new inovacion regarding computers.
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• India
28 Aug 08
I am pretty sure of what is coming in near future guys. The answer is hologram technology.:) 3D implementation of anything and everything in a computer. You must have experienced some of it maybe in some of the recent movies and let me tell you it is going to reach the market soon. I had gone to a industrial visit a couple of years ago and I can tell you we have come a long way into research in this direction. GigaBytes will become a thing of the past, TB's will be treated like KB's...I think you get my point.
• United States
29 Aug 08
I like you answer very much
@hichamov (507)
• Morocco
31 Aug 08
maybe something like Matrix Shows!! Irobot movie!! i really don't know, the technologie is Growing, and everytime something created or made for the Market, a few years after it, you see a new innovations and stuffs which appear, and you must take a part to, otherwise you will be gone with the wind and you can't handle the technologies performance and so on... it's really a big big topic to talk about it :)
• Philippines
28 Aug 08
There's this show I watched... They wear glasses and through these glasses, virtual stuff are superimposed on the real world view. So they have virtual screens they can "hold", their phones are embedded in the glasses, they can have virtual notes and all... All those through a pair of glasses. Well, I think something like that may be possible~ But probably not in the very near future. ^_^
@SHAMRACK (8533)
• India
28 Aug 08
Dear friend, In near future most of the services and other present computer related things will more advanced more computerised. Those works may be done by human robots with computerised minds and more work may be done in less time and also accuracy may be much better too. More there may come pocket computer or digital computers or may any other advanced methods.