How will you able to like things you really dont like

@michfroi (413)
August 28, 2008 7:16pm CST
I do believe that in order for us to be happy, we do all the things we want and its a little bit frustrating if we havent done what we really like.... My question is How will you able to like things wherein at the very beginning you dont really want it? is it really possible for you to like things you dont really like? I'm a little bit sad because i dont want the course im taking up right now, im taking up BS nursing, though i dont want this career but i have no choice coz the career ive chosen is very in demand right now and im doing this for my kids coz i do believe that after some time or after taking up this course, there would be a great opportunity waiting for me. Now, i want to know how will i like this one because i felt sad when im in school coz i really dont want this course, i found this course very boring but i dont want to give up,im hoping in time, i will learn to like this. can u advice me how will i able to accept and like this one?
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@metalhalo (601)
• United States
29 Aug 08
For life in general I try to look at every new experience with an open mind. If it grows on then wonderful! If not then I move on. At least I know that I gave it my best shot. As for a career, you should go after what's in your heart. If you don't like the course you're taking, then chances are you won't like that line of work. I've seen it too often that people will graduate with a degree in something that their whole heart wasn't in too and they end up working in another field all together. All that time and energy was wasted on an education in a field that they didn't want to work in. You could look at it as stepping stone into the career you do want. Are you wanting to stay in medical field or did you have your heart set on something else all together?