relation between studend and teacher

August 28, 2008 10:02pm CST
What relation should be remain between students and teacher? I think teacher should be the friend, philogoper and guide of students. what do u think about it?
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• China
30 Aug 08
i have the same opinion with you,they should be friend.students go to school is for studying,and teachs is for teaching,so students need teachers.but how can students study well,i think teachers play a very important part in this.if a teacher is so strict to students,i think that must be so bad for student,this teacher will make students feel so fearsome,so they won`t ask questions to teacher,they are afraid of being chided. so their relation should be friend,only this relation can make students study well.
@brisk123 (2826)
• India
29 Aug 08
Teacher and student relationship is one of the most sacred relationships in olden days.Students highly respected them and they played the most important role in shaping one's career.Teacher is a guide,philosopher,a friend and a Guru of imparting knowledge to students in order to prepare them for future.They teach them discipline and values.But,in our modern world,it is becoming difficult for teachers to concentrate and give attentions to each and every students in the class.Since the number of students are more.
@GemmaR (8526)
29 Aug 08
I think there has to be two way trust in this bond, otherwise it wont work. Not only trust, but they both have to respect each other and each others needs. For example, the student must respect his/her own need to learn, and respect the fact that the teacher is on their side and wants to help them to learn. The teacher must realise that the student doesnt want to be treated like a small child for the rest of their life. I think it's important that a teacher is available for students to talk to at any time of day if they should need to, as they need to be able to give advice to those who need it.