Do you Know That Himesh's track wakes up the dead!!

United Arab Emirates
November 5, 2006 10:57am CST
It has been reported that Himesh Reshammiya music is not only a craze amongst people but also is making ghosts dance to his tunes. You dont believe us, well read on. In a small village of Bhalej in the Anand district of Gujarat Himesh's chartbuster song 'Jhalak Dikhlaja' from the film Aksar is literally inviting ghosts. The villagers claim that the line in the lyrics which goes 'ek baar aaja aaja' is actually acting as a call for the ghosts. The story doing the rounds is that nearly 10 days back, a 25-year-old Firoz Thakor, who was humming the song, got caught under the evil influence. He ate a lot and started talking to himself only. He finally seemed to become normal when taken to a priest. This is one story. There have been many such instances in the past 15 days wherein more than a dozen people have fallen prey to the spirit and some have even lost their lives. The song keeps playing on the local radio station twice or thrice a day but people here turn off the radio to avoid any trouble. Some sources say that people mainly from the Muslim community are becoming victims of the song. There is a particular spot like the graveyard next to the lake in the village where people get attacked by the evil spirits on humming the song. After realizing the root cause from this exorcism, the villagers seemed to have banned the song completely. They don't wish to invite any more trouble and therefore are also urging the local bandwallas to avoid playing the song at the weddings. Well we have to say that Himesh's nasal voice is very powerful, so powerful that it is literally waking up the dead from their peaceful sleep.
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