Browser Wars:The Ultimate Browser Test...Firefox 2.0

Firefox beats Internet Explorer - Firefox is better than Internet Explorer. So it eats it up.
August 29, 2008 1:13am CST
Browser Wars:The Ultimate Browser Test is a series of browser reviews that I have done. In this discussion, I have reviewed Firefox 2.0. By the way, in more of my discussions I am going to review the following browsers... 1.Firefox 2.0 2.Internet Explorer 6 3.Internet Explorer 7 4.Firefox 3.0 5.Avant Browser 11 Build 20 6.Opera Browser 9.27 So let's go... Firefox 2.0 The browser from Mozilla that changed the definition of Internet Browsing. This browser rocks with it's features like Multi-tabs, Add-Ons, Themes and the most secure browser after Firefox 3.0 Key features: Add-on functionality- You can equip your browser with a wide range of add-ons to block website ads, download youtube and other videos, speed-up downloading, auto-reload pages and many, many more. You can even make your own add-on. Security- The most secure browser after Firefox 3.0. I checked it's security features by adding some viruses into my PC. Whenever those virus tried to open a site, it automatically blocked them. Moreover, it's performance was not affected by those viruses, it gave out it's ultimate. Themes- It is a unique feature that you can download themes for this browser and apply them to give you a pinch of uniqueness. There is a wide range of themes available. Easy Web Search- You no more have to type and then search for something, instead, there is a bar on the right side that can directly search items in different sites like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers, Creative Commons, etc. Stops phishing- Once I got an email from PayPal informing me to give my login information on a particular link to confirm my a/c, though I had already did it. The mail looked genuine, so I clicked the link. A site, just like paypal opened with a different domain. I was about to enter my info when the browser gave me a warning that it is an attempt of phishing. I immediately closed the site and then opened paypal, it said that paypal sent me no emails. Amazing, ain't it. Multiple tabs- No opening thousands of different windows for visiting different sites, now just open tabs. It's simple, you can open multiple sites and manage them through the tab bar. Open recently closed site- It can open a recently closed site for you, just in case you hadn't deleted the history. Auto-Clear history- It will auto-clear all your personal info like visited sites and even stored passwords if you want as soon as you close it. Widely known- Sites like YouTube and Orkut will not give you a message about like "this site is not supported by your browser". Sites are best displayed in Firefox. In-built dictionary- It consists of an inbuilt dictionary that can target spelling mistakes and give suggestions. Believe it or not, it helps me a lot in myLotting. Auto Open tabs if crashed- If suddenly the browser crashes, or your computer gets turned off, don't worry, the next time you run Firefox 2.0, you will automatically get a message asking you to restore the previous session or to start a new one. [b] Negative points:[/b]Slow connection on Firefox 2.0 is not supported. You need a fast broadband connection to use it at it's fullest. In dial-up and wireless connections, you will notice that Google sites do not open up. Now give your comments about my review and Firefox 2.0. You can also give me suggestions. Also rate this review and Firefox 2.0. Keep waiting for more browser reviews in Browser Wars:The Ultimate Browser Test.
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29 Aug 08
Firefox FTW
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29 Aug 08
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@hzhan2005 (158)
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29 Aug 08
Firefox3 and Konqueror are the best,
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