Very Cool & Useful Yahoo Messenger Commands

Windows - Xp gloss
August 29, 2008 2:22am CST
Hi Some times yahoo server goes down and everyone whos chatting just tear their heads off. Lot of guys cant even change their chatrooms. Or if u want to know the chatroom of a person u want to follow then i got just some special gift for you. Here is a list of commands that could be executed in a yahoo chat room./help calls up the help file /cls clears the screen /save saves the current chat session transcript /leave exits current room /join roomname joins roomname /goto username joins the chat room that username is currently in /follow username user will follows username whenever the user changes rooms /think text posts text in this format "oO(text)"/tell username text -- allows you to send a text to username with opening a window /invite username invites username to the current room /webcam starts your webcam /version displays the program version /version username sends the program version to username /time shows the time /roll number rolls the number of dice /logoff closes the client /ignore add username will add username to your ignore list /ignore remove username will remove username from your ignore list:Text formats the text as an emotion
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@kage2k3 (1444)
• India
30 Aug 08
Wow! You got pretty good knowledge of yahoo. The trace command is very helpful to trace a chatmate if he leaves chatroom and goes to some other chatroom. Thanks for posting this ghazal.