Are you concern on what you eat?

@alecz23 (486)
August 29, 2008 6:26am CST
What kinds of food do you usually eat? Are you the person that are concern of what do you eat? Or are the one who munch it whatever in the plate or do you eat also the plate ^_^ Please tell me eating nutritious foods are difficult to do? and should we concern on what we eat nowadays like fast foods or junk foods or you just can't help to dig in!!
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• Ireland
31 Aug 08
I am a very picky person and I don't like a lot of food, or rather I should say, I don't like the food that is good for me. I dislike most vegetables including cabbage, onions, parsnips...maybe I should just tell you the ones I do like. I like peas, carrots and tinned beans and maybe a little bit of lettuce. I could live on fried eggs and chips, curries (without the veg) and lots of cakes and biscuits etc. I go to my GP for regular health check ups and I must tell you that I am perfectly healthy regardless of my bad eating habits.
@walijo2008 (4647)
• United States
29 Aug 08
I'm somewhat concerned about what I eat, as I'm trying to lose a few pounds, but I try not to obsess over it, if I did then it would be depressing, because I like to eat. Eating nutritious foods is hard, its hard to know just what is good for you and what isn't, and how much to eat of this and that. I've tried going to a dietician but they couldn't tell me anymore than what I already I know eating alot of junk food or fast food isn't good for you, you can have it once in awhile, but not everyday.
@ShellyB (5244)
• United States
29 Aug 08
I am begining to be concerned with what I eat. I was not before, but I am too young to get diabetes or other problems. I am trying to eat better but it is kinda hard for me, I enjoy food too much
@GardenGerty (104331)
• United States
29 Aug 08
Unfortunately, I will eat most anything put before me. I do not really like french fries, but if they come with the burger, I eat them. I would rather, for instance, have baked potatoes. I like most fruits and vegetables, and it is easy to choose those when they are available. I like lean meat, and seafood as well. I also enjoy beans and rice.