Neobux is not letting me in

August 29, 2008 6:45am CST
Just a few minutes ago i tried to click ads on neobux. There was 6 ads today. When i clicked a ad it showed error in page loading & told me to refresh the page. When i refreshed the page i got this message: [i]502 Bad Gateway (connection refused) If you are receiving this response, the customer server refusing connections from our proxy. We are only serving as an intermediate proxy in this matter and do not manage or control the actual web site or servers. Please contact support for the website you are trying to reach. Thank you. Proxy Shield[/i] What is this. Is there something wrong on my server or in their server? Or they are getting my connection as a proxy server? I don't know about proxy servers but i have seen some ptc sites that proxy is not allowed & accounts will be deleted if they find a user using a proxy server. Somebody please help me on this.
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@oscar6 (1939)
• United States
30 Aug 08
Im not sure whats going on with your computer. I have been able to access this site just fine and it i havent had any problem. I would give it a day and then check back. That usually works when something isnt working right. It might be your computer settings but I doubt that if you have been able to access the site before, sorry I could be of any more help. i hope you figure it out! Have a great day!
• Bangladesh
30 Aug 08
Hello friend there is no problem on my pc. The problem was on their server. That's why i got the message. And i am not the only one who got it. There are many others who got it. Even some of the mylot members. I also started a thread on neobux forum about this topic. You will find the link on 5th response of this discussion. Thank you
• China
29 Aug 08
hey friend i m also facing that problem don't know what to do..!! by d way if u can get some information pls let me know buddy.!! thanks a lot for starting such kind of nice post..!! thanks u very much for sharing..!! keep lotting
@kurci1 (171)
• Australia
29 Aug 08
Hmm were you using an online cgi proxy server or have an IP cover up? If so you can get banned for that. I wouldn't use one. If your not contact their support and report a bad link. Kurci-
• Vietnam
26 Jul 10
It is because admin is adding something new to our Neobux. So don't worry and try again in some minutes
@Grudee (66)
• Thailand
30 Aug 08
I've found this problem several times since they moved their server but I think there are nothing to be serious about. Just wait few seconds and try again.