Heart of Compassion?

United States
August 29, 2008 7:15am CST
Do you think we ALL have a heart of compassion? If so, do some close that part of the heart? And why do we close our heart of compassion? How do you use your heart of compassion? There are times I get so frustrated with "people" and their heartlessness... Your comments may help me "keep my chin up" during those times of frustration. :-) Thanks (in advance) for sharing your thoughts and stories!!
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• China
29 Aug 08
Sometimes, I have the same feeling as you. I hate people who seem to be heartless when they pass a poor man requesting some money, when they turn down a friend, and when they ignore other's need... However, I think we should tolerate them. First think about this, do we have heart of compassion ourselves? Do we always give a helping hand to others whenever they need it? Of course nobody could be totally kind-hearted, for we may lack time to fulfill these tasks, we may not want to get in some trouble by doing this. Then why are we complaining about others? Living in this world, I can't think of a situation without "heartless" people. What we should do is to be ourselves, to make ourselves more kind and help others. You will be frustrated if you count on others too much. Just be such a person and you will not worry about it any more.
• United States
29 Aug 08
I think I understand what you mean. We need to BE the change in the world we desire. We need to be the one to help others. We need to focus on ourselves rather than on others. You are correct. It would be nice to step outside of myself more...and focus on helping others...focus on BEING the change I would like to see in others. Feel free to re-comment if I missed your point. I do not want to misunderstand you. :-) Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciated it...It really helped me re-focus! I hope you have a GREAT day and an even better weekend! Take care!
• China
30 Aug 08
Thank you~ Maybe we will be happier if we focus ourselves behaviours more. You are quite right.