I Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed. How About You?

United States
August 29, 2008 8:02am CST
This morning, I experienced a classic "wrong side of the bed" episode, with one difference: I really DID wake up on the wrong side of the bed! My husband has a cold and went to bed early, and of course he fell asleep on my side on MY pillows, and wouldn't move when I came to bed. I at least need my own pillows, no matter what bed or what side! I overslept this morning, and woke up feeling terrible (caught my hubby's cold, plus felt bad from not sleeping on my own pillows), just to find my 10-month-old black Lab staring me in the face. I keep him on a sturdy 1/8" thick, 2" wide nylon leash at night, attached to an eye-bolt in the wall, so that he won't destroy the house while we sleep. He chewed through it. And pooped all over my son's floor, sprayed the side of my stepson's bed, and pulled all of MY dirty clothes from the hamper. So, running late before I even woke up, I had to rush getting dressed, skip brushing my teeth, skip my coffee, skip changing my son's clothes, and--still wearing my house slippers--drive 30 minutes to get my stepson to school on time. I barely had time to chain the dog to the porch, and didn't have time to clean up the poop before I left. I was nasty to my stepson in the car (I'm usually pretty calm in the mornings), threw my keys at my cat for sitting on top of my lizard's tank (and missed, which made me even madder), screamed at every moron on the road, and yelled at my husband when he called to see how my day was going. It's not even 9:00am and I could snatch some b1tch's wig off! GRRAAWRRR! Anyone else feel like a turd this morning? Do tell, we can commiserate together! Tell Faerie all your troubles, it will make you feel better. Be as detailed or as brief as you wish, as mean and nasty and hateful as you want. I don't care. Take it all out on me (I promise not to take it personally), and I hope you have a better day for it. It's best to take out your issues on someone you don't know and who doesn't care, than on someone you care about (i.e. your kids, spouse, or boss). So spill it here, people, and here's hoping you have a better day. Cheers!
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
29 Aug 08
OK. First thing you need to do is get your a@@ BACK into bed and get up all over again! lol. Yes I have some days that I wake up far less positive than I would like or to some drama or another. But I am trying very, very hard at the moment to change my habits and attitude overall is if I do wake up this way then I fight these feelings with everything I have! The worst days for me are when something goes wrong with the alarm or I accidently turn it off instead of pressing snooze. Next thing you know I wake up and realize that I am late for work and then have to rush around like a maniac to get there. Fast coffee, quick shower, half hearted shave or no shave at all..... You just don't feel as human when you have to run around like this! Thankfully this only happens every now and then and is not a habit! But on these days it is really, really hard to fight the bad mood!