I'm having a slight problem with myLot.

@razor123 (979)
August 29, 2008 9:33am CST
Hello everyone. Hope you'll are all doing good. This discussion is related to something i find strange happening on myLot. I've noticed this happened quite a few times actually. Many a time when i start a discussion thread or respond to a discussion it doesn't get counted as such. In the sense the count number doesn't increase. I was wondering why this happens? Its not that i post one liners, but many lines in all my topics Many of my replies and discussions have gone uncounted. Do you'll face the similar problem too? Is there some kind of time limit within which a certain number of posts can be made or something like that? Could you'll post in your views and shed some light on this please. Thanks a lot and have a nice day!!
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@shonali (1286)
• India
17 Dec 08
well i dont knwo about this problem.... maybe it has happened with me also cos just now i eralised i had replied to two discussions which were removed so my posts i bet dint get counted..... but it hardly ever happens to me.... but if it is happening a lot with you then maybe you need to choose your discussions wisely...the ones you respond to and also the ones you post..... also try posting 5 to 6 lines at the max first ....dont post too much in any discussion cos if it gets deleted then you will lose heart and not want to post again but the best advice i can give you is keep posting and dont bother to turn around and look if your post was counted or not.... according to you it was counted and you wrote a good post and move on
@norgzilla (142)
• Indonesia
30 Aug 08
yes it happened to me too, may be it because our post before had been deleted.. i dont know for sure, just guessing.
@sumiirajj (1983)
• India
29 Aug 08
Hi friend,It hasn't happened to me sofar.Time limit is not there for any activity.You can take your own time to post and reply.Have a great day.happy mylotting.