"Horror Movie is one of my Favorite Film"

@iyah10 (4116)
August 29, 2008 10:23am CST
Horror Film is one of my favorite like "The Legend of Bloody Mary" and like to feel something Scary and to know what is the reason in it on what happened to those people but What about MyLotters do u like to watched a Horror Movie..////?????
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• India
29 Aug 08
i just love to watch horror movies alone....especially to watch it alone in home...the ring,the exorcist are my favorite movies
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@brisk123 (2826)
• India
29 Aug 08
Ya I love to and my fiance keeps scolding me.He thinks some movies are too scary and that I should not be watching it when am alone and late at night.But, I cannot resist.
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@Ohara_1983 (4120)
• Kuwait
4 Sep 08
Hmmmmmmm, i just love to watch horror movie, specially in my own house with the loud sound, so it will scare you more.
@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
4 Sep 08
Hello iyah10, It is my favorite genre too. I love horror, thriller and sci-fi or anything that based on true story. In fact, I love watching movie *smiles* Our local TV station shows horror/thriller movie every Wednesday and it is very rare I miss watching the movie. I watched Hide and Seek yesterday (starred by child star Dakota Fanning) and a week ago I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
@Humbug25 (12551)
2 Sep 08
Hey there iyah10 I can honestly say that I really don't enjoy horror movies at all I really don't like that feeling of being scared!
@karmendra (1123)
• India
30 Aug 08
i like some time horror movie but not usually ,, my favorite film is "Sixth sense". when i watch any horror movie i usually use a blanket to cover my face..
@miller1978 (1104)
• United States
29 Aug 08
Horror movies are my favorite kind to watch. When I was little I would fall asleep watching those type of movies. My oldest daughter does the same thing too. I tend to watch them alone most of the time because hardly anyone else in our home likes to watch them. Can't say exactly which one's are my favorite but I like them with lots of blood and gore. Keeps me entertained and waiting for the next kill.