Nanny 911

United States
August 29, 2008 4:38pm CST
I watch that show and i cant see how some of these kids can get so out of control! I have 3 kids myself and i believe in a good old fashion butt whoopin will do the job and believe me i do it! yes my son told his teacher one day that he got beat if he got in trouble so his teacher called us and we told her that he gets his butt whipped if he needs it but we dont beat him.
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@kristih (25)
• United States
11 Jul 09
I love that show. It is very interesting to see how children can beat there parents down so much. It is very simple I am the parent you are the child. Most of the parents are weak when they first start. It is fun to see them develope there voice and turn the tables on their rugrats. I always thought it was wrong to spank your kids because I grew up that way and I thougt if was mean. However I am an adult now and I know my parents were only trying to get me to turn into a decent adult. The funny thing is that I was talking to my dad the other day about this and he said that he was surprised that I couldn't remember, I asked what he was talking about and he told me that never once did he spank me. Surprised right. I asked him why I thought he had and he told me that it was enough that I knew it was a possibility. LOL my sister didn't see it that way though.
• United States
30 Aug 08
I don't see how they could get out of control that bad either I mean some of those kids hit on their parents and rule the house. I also believe in discipline it shows kids their boundaries without it they would run all over you in my opinion. My 4 year old has also been telling me she is going to tell her friends and teacher I hit her and sometimes that is a little scary I mean I don't beat my kid but they can fall get a bruise and next thing you know you will be dealing with children service and I only say that because I worked in a pre-school and some have VERY strict guidelines to go by.
@Anne18 (11036)
29 Aug 08
We in England have Super nanny. All my friends and myself like to watch the show as it makes our children look like angels!! But our children aren't that naughty, just normal children