Anybody know some simple Spanish words or phrases?

August 29, 2008 10:15pm CST
I've always thought Spanish was a beautiful language and have always wanted to learn. If anyone knows some Spanish words or Spanish phrases it would be appreciated!
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@Yori88 (1468)
• Philippines
27 Nov 08
I bought a Spanish Grammar Book last year but until now I was not able to finish studying the book because I have to take care of my son and I do a lot of household chores. Let me give you few words that I still remember. But before that let me remind you that in Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine and normally requires an article. Let's say "the" in English has four Spanish translations: Masculine Plural - el Masculine Singular - los Feminine Singular - la Feminine Plural - las Example: el libro (the book) / los libros (the books) la pluma (the pen) / las plumas (the pens) That is the reason why you always here articles before Spanish people speaks. Some words that I still remember include: paraguas (umbrella), naranja (orange), veo a mi amigo (i see my friend), un hombre alto y guapo (a tall, handsome man) una mujer alta, hermosa e inteligente (a tall, beautiful and intelligent woman) In a Spanish word, the letter H is not pronounced.
@Lxandra79 (1536)
• United States
31 Aug 08
You think my language is beautiful, thank you...i guess. but yea if u want to learn phrases...just let me know which ones and i will gladly tell u. Hasta Luego=See you later!