August 29, 2008 11:14pm CST
Have you ever wondered why life is contradictory? TIP: In your spare time, I would like you to read through our very own 'proverbs'(not the Book of Proverbs). Having read them, you should notice that a few do contradict the works of Life! FIRST POINT: Why is our Creator, the God of love and mercy allows suffering in our lives? Why is it that He tells us that works without faith are dead while Life tell us that God helps those who help themsleves? SECOND POINT: Why can we be neutral in politics but we be neutral in religion? There's absolutely no middle ground! It is either our lives are in the stern and righteous hands of Jehovah's or they are cuddled in Lucifer's lenient and sweet yet sinful arms. THIRD POINT: Life is eternal. We can thrive in it but we cannot sustain it. Our life forces(souls)shall everlastingly flourish in the spiritual realms but shan't here on Earth. For the Earth is ours for a short period of time. FOURTH POINT: Life has countless auras!! One is its contradiction.
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30 Aug 08
Thats why its called life. lol. have fun!!!!